Course “Abriendo Caminos”

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The objective of this course to increase employability is to promote the personal and professional advancement of people migrating to Barcelona through training that allows for them to have effective labor integration in the host country.

“Abriendo Caminos” is a 250-hour course, of which 80 are practical, designed for people interested in improving their employability through the development of transversal, technical, and digital skills that contribute to their faster integration, standardization, and economic promotion thanks to a decent and sustainable job.


Basic Workshops

Training in technical transversal skills of employment, empowerment, change management, communication, job skills, legal knowledge, and technological updating, all especially focused on digital skills, with individual and group interventions.

Three specializations to choose from: 

  • Digital socio-labor assistant: Designed in conjunction with the entities in the area of internship training in socio-labor services and is designed to work in social entities and temporary employment companies.
  • Digital Administrative: Designed to meet the requirements of companies and SMEs. Training in basic administrative accounting techniques and customer service.
  • Digital communication assistant: Specialization in the use of basic communication and digital marketing tools so that beneficiaries can give support to companies in the planning and management of their digital communication.

Online and/or face-to-face practices

In companies and social entities in the city of Barcelona

Structure divided into hours:

Hours of transversal skills 80
Hours of technical skills 70 (includes 20 hours of specialization)
Hours of digital skills 20
Non-work practice hours 80


  • Time availability
  • Have a device such as a computer, tablet or mobile device with an Internet connection.
  • Speak and write Spanish

See testimonials from the previous course (here)

Registrations: sending updated CVs to and we will call them for an interview

Certificates: Incorpora de la Caixa, Unesco Chair, and Abad Oliba University

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