The Inclusion program emerged out of the necessity to meet the social needs of people who have emigrated to Catalonia (with special attention to women and people over the age of 45).

The objective of our Inclusion program is to develop and provide tools and resources to people to support their social and occupational inclusion. To achieve this, we coordinate synergies between the public and private sectors, organizations, and beneficiaries.

An article published in April on the online news site Xarxanet illustrates the journey and purpose of the Projump Inclusion project.

Talks of companies in Catnova in different branches of the labor market such as cleaning, automotive mechanics, taxi sector and assistance and care of people, etc.

Social Inclusion

We offer a reception training program with workshops and courses about immigration and legal matters and Catalan, as well as Integration Modules for a sustainable and productive inclusion. We organize leisure and cultural activities ideal for getting to know the city of Barcelona and engage in networking. (Project “Your First Steps” in development).

The goal of social inclusion of vulnerable people, such as women and older individuals (whether or not they have permission to work), is present in all projects. We also promote occupational inclusion through an agreement with Incorpora and partnerships with companies and social entities in Catalunya.

Our project Projump Volunteer is designed to accompany and develop all types of competencies for an easy and positive adjustment, supporting individuals’ value.

In partnership with Pejucat, there is an advisory service offered on procedures and support for people older than 55 years of age (Advice on  Support and pensions), and there is also a real estate consultancy service (Real Estate/Housing Advice).

Also, The Information Center Notinova has answers to questions frequently asked by people who have immigrated to Barcelona and are seeking assistance in their adjustment to the city.

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Service designed by our volunteer Cristiane Calsing and aimed at beneficiaries who receive employment guidance and those who have participated in courses related to job placement at Catnova in recent years.

Occupational Integration (Employment, Entrepreneurship)

We facilitate the process of obtaining employment or starting a business among vulnerable groups, especially female immigrants, people over the age of 45 and other individuals who desire to improve their professional and occupational competitiveness.

Steps for Occupational Integration

We can help you find a job or start a business!


Starting October 1st, a restructuring of this service is taking place

The Catnova team, conscious of the importance of renovating and innovating, have agreed that until the end of the year we will center all effort on the enhancement of services to beneficiaries already registered in our job search database of the La Caixa Foundation’s Incorporate Program.

Derived from an internal reflection process, we have also proposed the modernization of process with the help of technology and the support of new experts and volunteers committed to the mission of the organization.

In this sense, the process described below will be in operation for new interested persons only in cases of extreme urgency.


Sign up via this link

The process begins by filling out the following Initial Questionnaire

Put all of the information from your CV into our template and attach a copy of an identification document.

Here is our CV Template


Personal Interview

Accompaniment, Coaching, and Mentoring

A coach from Catnova will contact you to coordinate a date for an interview with a career counselor, with the purpose of working together to define and prepare a profile of your technical and transversal competencies, receive advice on your CV, as well as assess your need for further training and talk about your occupational interests.


Work Intermediation

Work Itinerary 

Once you have defined your profile and work objectives, you will be assigned to work with a work intermediary who will help you with planning what actions you will take to achieve your employability objectives.


Occupational Insertion

One you have defined your work itinerary, you will have the opportunity to apply for job offers from the La Caixa Incorporate Program, which you will receive weekly through the Catnova Employment Club.

If you are interested in self-employment, we will offer you free advice from professional experts, with the objective of giving you an opportunity to present a business idea to allied entity that specializes in helping finalize business plans and obtaining funding.