Since its beginning, Catnova has been characterized by the promotion of interaction and communication between different cultures, thus collaborating in the development of society that is increasingly more inclusive, integrative, and harmonious.

Over time we have offered powerful inclusion tools that allows for, in the shortest possible time, a dignified and egalitarian adjustment to the country that welcomes beneficiaries with a spirit of support.

Since 2019, we have formalized an old dream with a new project: Projump Intercultural that contains various artistic events that are intercultural in nature.

Catnova Veus Cantants (Singing Voices) Choir

We unveiled this Project with the presentation of the Catnova Veus Cantants (Singing Voices) Choir, directed by the Venezuelan music teacher and composer Luís Eduardo Galián. Morela Arias will be in charge of coordinating almost 40 singers and founders of the group.

The Choir has prepared a repertoire of musical events with an innovative, varied, and fun program, designed to excite, stimulate, instruct, and unite all audiences. We welcome each of its members and especially its director Luís Eduardo and Morela Arias, coordinator of this intercultural adventure that is just the beginning.

The first event will be a tribute to Mother’s Day, a “Bolero afternoon,” with an international repertoire.

Digital Photography Club

This club has been created for all, under the premise of evolving in the practice of photography, while sharing the love for observing and capturing images. A meeting point to transmit and share a common interest. A space that will serve to contribute to the learning process of the participants, where, in turn, they provide feedback to each other. The club is led by photographer Mariana Urra. More information is in the calendar.

Other Intercultural Activities


We promote musical courses and activities that have an intercultural and educational component. With the Catnova Sining Voices Choir, led by the director and composer Luís Eduardo Galián. Christmas concers at Casales d’Avis. Courses on reading and interpreting music from the director Juan Carlos Márquez and promoting groups such as the Ensemble of Cuatros in Barcelona.

Cultural Outings

Thanks to the fruitful partnership with the Pejucat Association, cultural outings have been made for beneficiares to learn about and appreciate the space where they live through the knowledge of art and the history of Barcelona.

Visit to the Maritime Museum of Catalonia on June 15, 2021

Painting and Drawing

Painting and drawing courses, freehand drawing with the guidance of Profesor Jacobo Koifman, exhibition of the work of seniors and more.


Promotion of film events, joint events with organization partner “Health for Venezuela.”

Creative Writing

Workshops to learn to be a writer, publication of stories, participation in writers’ events guided by the writer and editor Belén Rojas.

Presentation of the book by Nuri Morillo Puig. Aguinaldos Historias y Anécdotas.


Digital photography workshop of the photographer Mariana Urra, photography contest and visits to Mafre exhibitions.


Theater Creativity Workshop by Professor Enid Negrete, Workshop on introduction to theater, “The First Steps,” by Luisa Fernanda Sifontes, and staging the final work of the course.