In alliance with Pejucat, we offer integration activities that include:

Charlas Introductorias

We will share material on how to obtain sources of information, like how to stay updated on the area and special programs for residents to obtain discounts. Finally, in the Let’s go out to learn section, participants are presented with the option to take tours of the city on their own or come with us to discover the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​its festivals, traditions and gastronomy.

Ocio y Cultura para la Inclusión Social

Próxima Fecha: 7 de Mayo

Horario: 18:30

Ubicación: Catnova · Muntaner 48, 2-2

Contactos: coordinació

¿Quieres conocer Barcelona de la mano de un amigo y de forma gratuita? Ven al Taller Informativo el próximo 20 de Marzo. Programas ideales para personas mayores residentes, jóvenes, personas en paro y de la tercera edad.

Rutas de Integración

They are routes that are aimed at the integration of migrant people into their new place of residence by allowing them to get to know the city of Barcelona, ​​its main monuments, history, culture and curiosities. We currently offer the following integration routes:
  • The old City.
  • The Ribera neighborhood.
  • The BCN Maritime Facade.
  • Obscurantism in Barcelona.
  • Airs of Modernism
  • Invisible Modernism.