Projump Inclusion emerged out of the necessity to meet the social needs of people who have emigrated to Catalonia (with special attention to women and people over the age of 45).

The objective of Projump Inclusion is to develop and provide tools and resources to people to support their social and occupational inclusion. To achieve this, we coordinate synergies between the public and private sectors, organizations, and beneficiaries.

An article published in April on the online news site Xarxanet illustrates the journey and purpose of the Projump Inclusion project.

Social Inclusion

We offer service through welcome seminars, workshops, and courses that focus on immigration laws and affairs, legal aspects, and the languages of official and private organizations, so that individuals can achieve productive and sustainable inclusion.

We organize leisure and culture activities ideal for getting to know the city of Barcelona and engage in networking.

Our volunteer program is designed to accompany and develop many types of competencies for an easy and positive adjustment, adding value.

Also, in alliance with Pejucat there is a useful counseling service via email about procedures and support for people older than 65 years of age: (ver “Servicios de acogida”).

As of June 2021, we will put into operation the “Punto de Información” (Information Point) with all of the responses to frequently asked questions that people migrating to Barcelona may ask with regards to adjusting to the city.


Vital Inclusion Project

Occupational Integration (Employment, Entrepreneurship)

Steps for Occupational Integration

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Personal Interview


Job Intermediation


Work Integration