Volunteer Areas

Participants can choose to participate as volunteers in three areas:

Social-Labor Inclusion

Opportunity to learn or practice the profession of experts in this area and serve by providing support by means of consultancy, intermediation, or additional tasks that can help improve the employability of the beneficiaries.

Cultural Inclusion

By means of fun activities, educational talks and seminars, guided visits to emblematic places in Catalunya, and training in Catalan, we facilitate participants’ familiarization with the local culture.

Comprehensive Training

We encourage participation in workshops that improve and build participants’ transversal, digital, and technical competencies, language education, and knowledge of useful tools for job searching.


We conduct administrative training in the different project areas to strengthen participants' skills, as well as support the endeavors of vulnerable clients to improve their life situation(s).

Social Participation

We encourage the development of ideas to generate positive changes in society, and we support projects born from the creativity of the volunteer for their coordination within the organization.