Group sessions with the City Council

Catnova belongs to the Xarxa d'Acollida in the city of Barcelona, and we offer monthly Welcome Talks with the City Council to inform new people about the duties and rights they have when choosing to live in Catalonia. Interested parties write an email to and write in the title: foreigners workshop. They are free.

Personalized attention for social inclusion

Additionally, we offer personalized consulting services through Pejucat . They organize this free service through email that aims at social inclusion in Catalonia.

  • Document procedures
  • Census
  • State pensions
  • Social Security
  • Regional and city council aid
  • Mobilization in Barcelona

Queries are received from all parts of Spain or other countries. Those interested should write to

Thanks to these consulting services, at the end of May 2019, 157 people were attended. Of whom, 122 were for aid with economic effects. 75 have benefited to date (61.5%), and there are 47 people pending approval of rental subsidies, NON-Contributory Pensions, and Citizen guaranteed income.

In the month of June, it is calculated that the economic effect for these 75 people benefited is globally about 350,000.00 euros this year, without taking into account the 47 that are still waiting for a response.