Reinvention Program

Persons over the age of 45

As a result of the experience of recent years immersed in the socio-labor world of the city, we have noticed the difficulty of occupational insertion among people older than 45 years of age, and we launched the project Projump Reinvention to meet the needs of this population, thanks to a coordinated action of analysis, programming, and subsequent referrals with other similar organizations.

Persons over the age of 60

In 2018, in association with Pejucat (Pensioners and Retirees of Venezuela in Catalunya), emerged a partnership to focus actions for the benefit of immigrants that arrived in Barcelona who are 60 years old or older.

2018-2020—Project Intercultural Bridge (Pont Intercultural)

This Project was awarded in 2019 with the Barcelona Municipal Counsel of Immigration award for the best project of the year aimed at senior citizens.

The objectives were the following:

  • Promote awareness among the city of reception
  • Promote active aging
  • Intergenerational coexistence
  • Promote intercultural relationships

Video about some of the project’s activities

2020-2021—The Journey of the Seniors Project (Camino de los Grandes)

Thanks to the opportune and fruitful collaboration between the Pejucat, Catnova, and Vae Associations, and the La Caixa Foundation, it was possible to continue promoting the social and occupational inclusion of older migrants in Catalonia.

This project pursues four big objectives:

  • Defense of the rights of older immigrants.
  • Active aging
  • Intergenerational relationships
  • Promotion of occupational insertion and volunteering.

Guest testimonies at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona

2021—Older Immigrants Generating Value

Project designed for the creation of an integrative service comprised of “Senior Talent” with specialized consultancies for the public and private sectors, among other things.

We also offer consultancy services with regard to pensions and social benefits for those personas who, due to the demand for a profession in the local market, their migrant status, or physical condition, cannot be included in the specialized advisory service, but meet the requirements established by the state to receive other types of pensions or financial aid.

The launch of the project took place on September 29th in commemoration of the International Day of the Elderly/Seniors on October 1, 2021. The complete presentation can be viewed here.

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Do you want to be part of this project?

If you are an immigrant over the age of 60 and want to become part of the Project “Older Immigrants Generating Value,” contact us by email at

For those interested in the service of consultancy in pensions and benefits for older individuals, please send us an email at