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Fecha: Comenzará el 5 de noviembre y termina el 25 de febrero



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If you want to lose the fear of the digital world for good, do not hesitate to attend this second course of the program Soc_Blogger of the @ObraSociallaCaixa that is offered by Catnova and @Pejucat.

Digital and journalistic training to boost your talents and abilities as journalists and photography volunteers of the municipal social networks and the blog of the municipal website of older people. Depending on the evolution of the containment methods of COVID-19, we could continue them in person at the Espai de gent Gran Montserrat Olivella in c/Calabria 260

We highly recommend to you that because it is an ideal opportunity in order to enrich your life relationships with people of different cultures. For more information Interested? Write an email to

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