Opening New Pathways Project—Migrant women without work permits

This project emerged to respond to the needs of immigrant women who are in situations of social exclusion with family responsibilities or in a situation of special vulnerability, such as persons without work permits, with the goal to promote and provide tools and resources for their occupational inclusion that require special attention as they are at greater risk of social exclusion in the province of Barcelona.

Sponsored by the Caixa Foundation and the City Council of Barcelona.

The Shortest Path—Women without work permits

The shortest path helps women without work permits avoid falling into socio-labor exclusion by increasing their commitment and participation, making them more autonomous, aware of their rights, and bolstering their skills that will help them find work. The implementation of advice, training, and coaching will help ensure their future success.

The Project has been designed to meet the needs of information, guidance, training and socio-labor integration for beneficiaries. The service is available 11 months a year in face-to-face and virtual format for its development. We have a methodology called “opening new paths,” which consists of the following phases.

Subsidized by the Generalitat and the Caixa Foundation.

The shortest path

Vital Inclusion—Migrant women

This project arises from the need to respond to the demands of one of the most vulnerable groups in society, unregulated Latin American immigrant women and their families. These women suffer from a situation of high vulnerability that requires special attention when they are at a higher risk of social exclusion.

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